Seinfeld: Season 4

Previous seasons

  • Episode 1: “The Trip (part 1)” (41st episode overall)
    • Original air date: August 12, 1992
    • Plot: Jerry and George head to L.A. to track down Kramer who is a suspect in a series of murders (yes, that is the actual plot).
    • Characters Introduced: Ruth the cashier at Monk’s
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Corbin Bersen as himself, George Wendt as himself, Fred Savage as himself, Elmarie Wendel as Helene, Ricky Dean Logan as The Freak, Keith Morrison as Newscaster.
    • Foods eaten: Some gross green health smoothie that Kramer spits up.
    • Kramer scheme: Talks his way onto movie sets as an extra and into speaking roles.
    • Nothings of interest: Elaine is not in this episode as JL-D was on maternity leave. First appearance by Ruth Cohen as the cashier at Monk’s. The hotel Jerry and George stay in is the same hotel that Vi stays in in Pretty Woman (which also starred Jason Alexander). Jerry wants the blankets tucked in even though last season he made a point of saying he hated that.
    • Fake movie titles: “Sappy Pappies of 1934” – fake Three Stooges movie where they kill a child and get the electric chair. “The Keys”, Kramer’s movie treatment. Unnamed Eva Braun mini-series.
    • Death Watch: Chelsea. Another unnamed body under a sheet.
    • “Award”: Routinely voted as one of the worst Seinfeld episodes.
    • Stand-up routines: 3.5 (one was in character on The Tonight Show.)
    • My grade: D- (so boring)
  • Episode 2: “The Trip (part 2)” (42nd episode overall)
    • Original air date: August 19, 1992
    • Plot: Kramer is arrested.
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Clint Howard as Tobias Lehigh Negy, Keith Morrison as Newscaster.
    • Foods eaten: Tuna salad with tarragon
    • Kramer’s mooched items: Pickles, bread, and a cucumber
    • Nothings of interest: George puts his shoes on the Jerry’s couch.
    • Disrespecting Authority: Jerry and George annoy the heck out of the cops giving them a ride to the station.
    • Death Watch: “Somebody else” because 🎵 ‘The murderer struck again‘🎵
    • Stand-up routines: 3
    • My grade: D+ (Kramer slightly elevates this lame episode)
  • Episode 3: “The Pitch” (43rd episode overall) – this episode is an hour long with The Ticket.
    • Original air date: September 16, 1992
    • Plot: George pitches a “show about nothing” to NBC.
    • Characters Introduced: Heidi Swedberg as Susan Ross, Bob Balaban as Russell Dalrymple, Peter Crombie as “Crazy” Joe Davola, Stephen McHattie as Dr. Reston
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters:
    • Notable locations: Monk’s Cafe has new wallpaper. Jerry has motivational quotes on his fridge cut out from a magazine. The NBC exec offices have posters for the following real NBC shows “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, “Blossom”, “Reasonable Doubts”, “Nightmare Café“.
    • Foods eaten: Kramer drinks coffee very loudly
    • Kramer’s mooched items: An orange. Spoiled milk from a carton.
    • Kramer scheme: He trades a broken radar detector for a motorcycle helmet.
    • Nothings of interest: George’s initial TV ideas: Jerry plays a dad who pushes his son into gymnastics; Jerry runs an antique store and he gets people out of trouble. Kramer’s TV idea: Jerry manages a circus “It’s a show about freaks!”. “Salsa? Seltzer?”
    • Fake movie Off-Off Broadway show titles: La Cocina “a comedy about a Mexican chef” that George said he wrote.
    • Characters excuses/lies:
    • Significant others:
      Elaine: Her shrink
      George: Susan
      Newman: An ex-girlfriend who was “pretty wild!”
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • My grade: A-
  • Episode 4: “The Ticket” (44th episode overall) this episode is an hour long with The Pitch previously.
    • Original air date: September 16, 1992
    • Plot: NBC opts to pick up the pilot. Kramer has brain damage from being kicked in the head.
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: David Graf as Cop #2, Al Fann as The Judge, Steve Eastin as Cop #1
    • Characters excuses/lies: Newman was speeding to get home because Kramer was going to commit suicide because he never had an air conditioner. Newman changes it to he never got to be a banker.
    • Disrespecting Authority: Jerry sasses a cop for ordering food and taking his time.
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • My grade: A-
  • Episode 5:The Wallet ” (45th episode overall)
    • Original air date: September 23, 1992
    • Plot: George passes on the pilot, Jerry’s parents want to know what happened to the watch they gave Jerry then Morty thinks his wallet is stolen.
    • Foods eaten: George is off bread so he eats peanut butter out of jar with his fingers.
    • Kramer’s mooched items: Cuban cigars.
    • Kramer scheme: Kramer wants to banish all home delivery because they could be murderers.
    • Nothings of interest: Morty says he hates the sounds on velcro. Kramer sets his hair on fire. This is another “To be continued…” episode.
    • Characters excuses/lies: Jerry says his watch is being fixed but really he threw it away. Jerry says Kramer has his Calamine lotion when his parents ask what he was whispering to Kramer about. Elaine says she’s dating a “Kramer” to get out of her manipulative relationship.
    • Flubs: Kramer spits out Pepsi but it is clearly water.
    • Significant others:
      Elaine: Dr. Reston
      George: Susan
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • My grade: B- George is super annoying and gross in this episode and Jerry is way too patient with him. I’d punch him in the face.
  • Episode 6: “The Watch” (46th episode overall)
    • Original air date: September 30, 1992
    • Plot: Jerry tries to buy the watch back, George scrambles to get the pilot reinstated. Elaine enlists Kramer to pretend to be her boyfriend.
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Jessica Lundy as Naomi
    • Nothings of interest: “George Bonanza”. Kramer sets a kleenex on fire.
    • Significant others:
      Elaine: ‘Crazy’ Joe Davola
    • Stand-up routines: 3
    • My grade: C
  • Episode 7: “The Bubble Boy” (47th episode overall)
    • Original air date: October 7, 1992
    • Plot: On the way to a cabin the gang goes to visit the bubble boy.
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Brian Doyle-Murray as Sanger, Mel Sanger
    • Notable locations: The cabin
    • Foods eaten: Chicken salad sandwich. Chewing gum obnoxiously. Broiled chicken.
    • Kramer’s mooched items: Basket sink drain strainer thing
    • Nothings of interest: “Gary Seinfield!”
    • Significant others:
      Jerry: Naomi
      George: Susan
    • Death Watch: The cabin
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • My grade: B
  • Episode 8: “The Cheever Letters” (48th episode overall)
    • Original air date: October 28, 1992
    • Plot: George has to tell Susan’s father about burning down the cabin. Jerry offends
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Warren Frost as Mr. Ross, Grace Zabriskie as Mrs. Ross, Timothy Omundson as Ricky (we won’t see them again for 3 years)
    • Foods not-eaten: Ketchup squirted halfway across the diner
    • Kramer scheme: He goes to the Cuban embassy to try and get some cigars.
    • Nothings of interest: Warren Frost and Grace Zabriskie were both on all three seasons of Twin Peaks. Elaine calls Jerry “Jerome”.
    • Characters excuses/lies: Jerry pretends to be on a pay phone in order to not talk to Elaine’s assistant.
    • Flubs: Jerry grabs the pink notebook and George the blue but in the next scene they are switched.
    • Significant others:
      George: Elaine
      Jerry: Sandra
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • My grade: B+
  • Episode 9: “The Opera” (49th episode overall)
    • Original air date: November 4, 1992
    • Plot: ‘Crazy’ Joe Davola threatens to put “the kibosh” on Jerry
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Peter Crombie as “Crazy” Joe Davola
    • Kramer scheme: Scalping opera tickets.
    • Nothings of interest: Kramer is scared of clowns.
    • Characters excuses/lies: Elaine leaves “something on somewhere, the lights, the gas, the tub” in order to get away from Joe. “Harry Fong” a good friend of George’s.
    • Flubs: Elaine and Joe points to a photo of herself showering but there is no photo. A jar of pickles suddenly appears on Jerry’s counter when Elaine enters.
    • Significant others:
      Elaine: ‘Crazy’ Joe Davola AKA Joey
    • Disrespecting Authority: Jerry yells at a cop when he refuses to investigate the kibosh threat.
    • Stand-up routines: 3
    • My grade: C+
  • Episode 10: “The Virgin” (50th episode overall)
    • Original air date: November 11, 1992
    • Plot: Jerry and George pitch their sitcom idea.
    • Characters Introduced: Jane Leeves as Marla.
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Ping Wu as Ping.
    • Notable locations: The first time we’ve seen inside Jerry’s bedroom, the closet at least.
    • Foods eaten: Snapple with no label. Pea pods with extra MSG.
    • Kramer’s mooched items: He tries to watch “The Bold & The Beautiful” at Jerry’s.
    • Nothings of interest: George gets Susan fired. The Farrelly Brothers co-wrote this episode.
    • Characters excuses/lies: Jerry said he went going to Berlin to help tear down the wall in order to not get his closet reorganized.
    • Significant others:
      George: Susan
      Jerry: Marla
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • My grade: A
  • Episode 11:The Contest” (51st episode overall)
    • Original air date: August 12, 1992
    • Plot: George gets caught masturbating so the gang sees who can go the longest without.
    • Characters Introduced: Estelle Harris as Estelle Costanza
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Andrea Parker as Nurse, Rachel Sweet as “Cousin Shelly”
    • Recurring gags: Elaine’s interest in the Kennedy family. John-John in particular. “Master of your domain” catchphrase is introduced. The impetus of the episode is George’s use of a Glamour magazine which will reoccur through the series.
    • Foods eaten: Sealtest orange juice.
    • Nothings of interest: We finally meet some of George’s family. Mom Estelle and cousin Shelly. Elaine states that she lives downtown (Jerry lives uptown). Jerry, who previously stated he doesn’t drink coffee, mentions that he does get coffee.
    • Significant others:
      Jerry: Marla
      Marla: JFK jr.
    • Death Watch: George’s dignity
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • My grade: A-
  • Episode 12: “The Airport” (52nd episode overall)
    • Original air date: November 25, 1992
    • Plot: Airport shenanigans. Jerry sits in first-class, Elaine gets coach.
    • Characters Introduced: Annie Korzen as Doris (she’ll be back several times.)
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Jim J. Bullock as coach flight attendant. Allan Wasserman as Grosbard. Maggie Egan as Ticket Agent. Mark Christopher Lawrence as Skycap.
    • Notable locations: The airports (Both JFK and LaGuardia)
    • Foods eaten: Wines from the Tuscany region. Hot fudge sundae.
    • Kramer’s mooched items: George’s credit card.
    • Kramer scheme: Buys a plane ticket on George’s card in order to return them for a refund and get double miles and confront Grosbard.
    • Nothings of interest: Elaine’s sister lives in St. Louis.
    • Characters excuses/lies: Elaine pretends to be asleep when she mooches in First Class.
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • My grade: A
  • Episode 13:The Pick” (53rd episode overall)
    • Original air date: December 16, 1992
    • Plot: Elaine accidentally send Xmas cards with her nipple exposed.
    • Characters Introduced: Gina Hecht as Dana Foley
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Nicholas Hormann as Calvin Klein.
    • Notable locations: I think Jerry’s bathroom was retiled.
    • Foods eaten: Kix cereal (?), an apple with peanut butter, a banana
    • Kramer’s mooched items: Double Crunch cereal, Dust Buster.
    • Kramer scheme: He poses in a Calvin Klein underwear ad
    • Nothings of interest: Elaine’s sister Gale calls.
    • Significant others:
      • Elaine: Fred the religious guy
      • Jerry: Tia Van Camp (the model from First Class in the last episode)
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • My grade: A-
  • Episode 14: The Movie” (54th episode overall) Intended to be episode 15.
    • Original air date: January 6, 1993
    • Plot: Jerry double-books himself for gigs while the gang gets all screwed up going to the movies.
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Barry Diamond as Buckles, a very dull comic.
    • Notable locations: Loews Paragon. The Paradise Twin (now closed). Catch A Rising Small (now closed)
    • Recurring gags: First mention of Rochelle, Rochelle (a strange erotic journey). Kramer is called a “hipster doofus”.
    • Foods eaten: A hotdog from Papaya King.
    • Nothings of interest: Elaine hates saving seats.
    • Fake movie titles: CheckMate. Ponce de Leon. Rochelle, Rochelle.
    • Stand-up routines: 2 (the second one is actually funny.)
    • My grade: B-
  • Episode 15: “The Visa” (55th episode overall) Intended to be episode 14.
    • Original air date: January 27, 1993
    • Plot: George doesn’t want to double-date with Jerry and Elaine because for once George is the funny one.
    • Characters Introduced: Cheryl (Ping’s cousin)
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Babu is back.
    • Recurring gags: Jerry calls George “Biff” again.
    • Foods eaten: Curdled cream
    • Nothings of interest: Kramer gets kicked out of baseball fantasy camp for punching Mickey Mantle (the story is long-winded and not funny.) Kramer gets thrown into a horse.
    • Significant others:
      George: Cheryl Fong
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • My grade: C
  • Episode 16: “The Shoes” (56th episode overall) Intended to be episode 16.
    • Original air date: February 4, 1993
    • Plot: Jerry and George lose the pilot deal after looking an exec’s daughter’s cleavage. Everyone is admiring Elaine’s expensive shoes.
    • Characters Introduced:
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Denise Richards as Molly Dalrymple.
    • Foods eaten: A turkey sandwich (Elaine and Jerry). Orange slices.
    • Nothings of interest: Elaine sneezes on Russ’s pasta primavera. The chef KNOWS Elaine sneezes on it but doesn’t seem to care. Richards was 22 in real life but was playing 15 and Jerry and George ogle her. Russ’s condo exterior shot is the same building exterior as Beth’s apartment in “The Wait Out,” and Heather’s apartment in “The Chicken Roaster.”
    • Characters excuses/lies: Elaine fakes a coughing fit to get out saying the script was bad.
    • Significant others:
      Elaine dates Russ Dalrymple (off-screen)
      Kramer dates Gail Cunningham
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • My grade: C+
  • Episode 17: “The Outing” (57th episode overall) Intended to be episode 16.
    • Original air date: February 11, 1993
    • Plot: Elaine inadvertently starts a rumor that Jerry and George are a couple. Elaine refuses to take her coat off.
    • Characters Introduced: Paula Marshall as Sharon.
    • Recurring gags: “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”
    • Foods eaten: Scrambled eggs.
    • Nothings of interest: Jerry’s birthday gifts include – A two-way phone (Kramer), tickets to Guys & Dolls (George), The Collected Works of Bette Midler (Elaine).
    • Characters excuses/lies: Says he’s gay to break-up with a depressed woman. George says he’s a porn star named Buck Naked.
    • Significant others:
      George: Alice
      Jerry: Sharon
    • Death Watch: Alice threatens to kill herself
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • Awards: GLAAD Media award for Outstanding Comedy (won). Emmy nomination for writing.
    • My grade: A-
  • Episode 18: “The Old Man” (58th episode overall)
    • Original air date: February 17, 1993
    • Plot: George, Elaine, and Jerry volunteer to visit with old people.
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Edie McClurg as Olive (the woman with the goiter.) Tobin Bell as Ron. Bill Erwin as Sidney Fields. Lanei Chapman as housekeeper.
    • Foods eaten: Soup.
    • Kramer scheme: Selling used records for cash
    • Nothings of interest: First reference to Newman being a mailman. Jerry’s bike is facing the other direction
    • Characters excuses/lies: Jerry says he has to get his tonsils out so that he doesn’t have to spend time with his mean, mean guy.
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • My grade: A-
  • Episode 19: “The Implant” (59th episode overall)
    • Original air date: February 25, 1993
    • Plot: Jerry thinks his girlfriend’s breasts are fake. George goes to Detroit for a girlfriends aunt’s funeral.
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Megan Mullally as Betsy, Teri Hatcher as Sidra Holland, Peggy Stewart as Aunt May
    • Recurring gags: George double dips.
    • Notable locations: The gym
    • Foods eaten: Milk. Cereal. “Snacks” at the wake (finger sandwiches)
    • Kramer scheme: Convinces George to get a “Death in the family” fare at the airline
    • Nothings of interest: George double-dips. The fork on Jerry’s green Klein is backwards (that’s the piece that connects to the wheel to the frame on a bicycle).
    • Characters excuses/lies: Jerry says his ex-girlfriend is mentally ill in order to break up with Sidra. Jerry says he likes to sit on the left of his date because it reminds him of driving.
    • Significant others:
      George: Betsy
      Jerry: Sidra
    • Death Watch: Aunt Clarice
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • My grade: B
  • Episode 20: “The Junior Mint” (60th episode overall) Intended to be episode 21.
    • Original air date: March 18, 1993
    • Plot: Jerry can’t remember the name of his girlfriend. Kramer drops a Junior Mint into a patient.
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Susan Walters as Dolores
    • Notable locations: The operating theater
    • Recurring gags: “Triangle art” which will continually re-appear multiple times in George’s office and home.
    • Foods eaten: The titular mint. The whitest most bland looking popcorn ever. A lunch meat sandwich. Spaghetti.
    • Kramer’s mooched items: Rubber gloves.
    • Kramer scheme: Restaining his floors and putting up wood-like wallpaper everywhere.
    • Nothings of interest: Jerry plays with a yo-yo but since this aired out of order his reference to wanting to get a yo-yo in two episodes seems odd. The only time Elaine apologizes for “Get out!” shoving someone.
    • Characters excuses/lies: Elaine wants Jerry to pretend to be his boyfriend so her ex doesn’t think she’s interested. Jerry says he’s looking for gum when caught rummaging through his girlfriend’s purse.
    • Significant others:
      Elaine: Roy
      Jerry: Dolores (not Mulva)
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • Awards: Michael Richards won his first Emmy for best actor for this episode.
    • My grade: A
  • Episode 21: “The Smelly Car” (61st episode overall) Intended to be episode 22.
    • Original air date: April 15, 1993
    • Plot: Jerry gets his car back from the valet and it stinks.
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Nick Bakay as Carl, Taylor Negron as hairdresser, Michael Des Barres as Restaurateur
    • Notable locations: Champagne Video
    • Foods eaten: Some weird caramel colored “white” wine.
    • Kramer’s mooched items: Jerry’s leather jacket
    • Nothings of interest: Susan is back…and she’s a lesbian. Elaine says the line I quote fairly often: “I loooove horse manure.”
    • Fake movie titles: Rochelle, Rochelle.
    • Significant others:
      Elaine: Carl
      George: Allison (ex)
      Kramer: Mona
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • My grade: B
  • Episode 22: “The Handicap Spot” (62nd episode overall) Intended to be episode 20.
    • Original air date: May 13, 1993
    • Plot: George parks in a handicap spot.
    • Characters Introduced: Jerry Stiller as Frank Costanza. (John Randolph was the original Frank Costanza but was recast.) Hulu has the reshoots with Stiller but the Randolph scenes are in syndicated reruns in some markets.
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Richard Portnow as Ray, Nancy Lenehan as volunteer, Elizabeth Dennehy as Allison, Kathy Kinney as bystander. Rick Overton as The Drake
    • Notable locations: The Costanza’s apartment (it’s a two flat duplex.)
    • Recurring gags: “Hate the Drake!”
    • Foods eaten: Veggie burgers, pastries.
    • Kramer scheme: Convincing George to park in the handicap spot.
    • Nothings of interest: Kramer says he’d name his child “Isosceles”. George says he’d move to Lynbrook. Jerry references getting a yo-yo (see ‘The Junior Mint‘.) Lola refers to Kramer as a “hipster doofus.”
    • Significant others:
      Kramer: The handicapped woman/Lola
    • Death Watch: George’s father’s car.
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • My grade: B
  • Episodes 23/24: “The Pilot (parts 1 and 2)” (63rd/64th episodes overall)
    • Original air date: May 20th, 1993
    • Plot: The NBC pilot is cast and filmed. George thinks he has cancer. Kramer can’t find a bathroom. Elaine thinks the new manager of Monk’s is only hiring big busted women.
    • Characters Introduced: Kevin Page as Stu Chermack
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Aside from a ton of characters returning briefly the most notable are: Jeremy Piven as Michael Barth (George), Larry Hankin as Tom Pepper (Kramer), Mariska Hargitay as Melissa, Richard Gant as Fred
    • Notable locations: The interior of Kramer’s apartment (he has a fish mounted on the bathroom wall.)
    • Recurring gags: Martin Van Nostrand
    • Foods eaten: Snack mix (not the cheesy bits), Ruffles, Sunmaid Raisins, mustard and baloney on Wonder bread, chips and dip.
    • Kramer’s mooched items: A CD
    • Nothings of interest: 32 million people watched this episode (consider that in the 2019/20 tv season the most watched sitcom was Mom with 8.5 million. The most watched TV show is NCIS at 15 million). The fork on the Klein is fixed. For some reason Russell doesn’t make the connection that the Elaine Benes that he is in love with is the same “Elaine Benes” in the script. The Drake and The Drakette are back together (?)
    • Fake movie TV show titles: Jerry
    • Significant others:
      Jerry: Sandi Robbins (Elaine)
    • Death Watch: Jerry the series
    • Stand-up routines: 2 plus 2 in “Jerry”
    • My grade: C+

If you want to watch this season in the order it was intended:

  1. Episode 1: “The Trip (Part 1)”
  2. Episode 2: “The Trip (Part 2)”
  3. Episode 3: “The Pitch”
  4. Episode 4: “The Ticket”
  5. Episode 5: “The Wallet”
  6. Episode 6: “The Watch”
  7. Episode 7: “The Bubble Boy”
  8. Episode 8: “The Cheever Letters”
  9. Episode 9: “The Opera”
  10. Episode 10: “The Virgin”
  11. Episode 11: “The Contest”
  12. Episode 12: “The Airport”
  13. Episode 13: “The Pick”
  14. Episode 15: “The Visa”
  15. Episode 14: “The Movie”
  16. Episode 17: “The Outing”
  17. Episode 16: “The Shoes”
  18. Episode 18: “The Old Man”
  19. Episode 19: “The Implant”
  20. Episode 22: “The Handicap Spot”
  21. Episode 20: “The Junior Mint”
  22. Episode 21: “The Smelly Car”
  23. Episode 23/24: “The Pilot”

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