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Season 2 (12 episodes aired, 13 filmed)

  • Episode 1: “The Ex-Girlfriend” (episode 6 overall)
    • Original air date: January 23, 1991 (delayed due to the start of the Gulf War)
    • Plot: George finally breaks up with an annoying woman then Jerry dates her and realizes George was right.
    • Notable locations: Jerry’s bathroom you can no longer see the tub/shower and the sink is moved to the right wall. The bathroom window is bare. There are new wall sconces.
    • Foods eaten: Cantelope, Dannon blueberry yogurt, iceberg lettuce salad, a fly which George accidentally swallows
    • Significant others:
      George: Marlene
      Jerry: Marlene
    • Stand-up routines: 3
    • My grade: A-. A solid episode with some genuine laughs and relatable stories.
    • Seinimation: The Waiting Game
  • Episode 2: “The Pony Remark” (episode 7 overall)
    • Original air date: January 30, 1991
    • Plot: At a 50th anniversary dinner, Jerry insults the hostess. Then she dies.
    • Characters Introduced: Morty (now played by Barney Martin), Uncle Leo! (Len Lesser), a mention of cousin Jeffrey.
    • Notable locations: Jerry’s bathroom sink is back against the far wall; a wooden shade is on the window. A new dining table. The cactus is gone as is the ceramic head with the brain showing.
    • Foods eaten: Peas bursting with country fresh flavor. Kramer drinks about 3 tablespoons of milk. Chocolate cake.
    • Kramer’s scheme: Remodeling his apartment to have levels.
    • Kramer’s mooched items: A carton of milk, the glass, and something from the freezer.
    • Nothings of interest: Morty claims he invented the beltless trench coat. The rent for Manya and Isaac’s apartment is $300 a month.
    • Death Watch: Manya
    • Stand-up routines: 3
    • Awards: Nominated for two Emmys – Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Directing in a comedy series
    • My grade: B+
  • Episode 3: “The Jacket” (episode 8 overall – intended to be the 5th episode of the second season)
    • Original air date: February 6, 1991
    • Plot: Jerry buys a suede jacket with pink striped lining.
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Alton Benes (Elaine’s father) portrayed by Lawrence Tierney
    • Notable locations: You can now see the edge of the bathtub next to the sink in the bathroom.
    • Foods eaten: Cranberry juice with two limes, a club soda with no ice.
    • Kramer’s mooched items: Jerry’s leather jacket. Mini-Ritz Bits crackers. A ruined suede jacket.
    • Kramer’s scheme: Kramer has to take care of some magician’s doves.
    • Nothings of interest: George can’t stop singing “Master of the House” from Les Miz. Kramer owes “thousands” of dollars in parking tickets. Elaine mentions she works at Pendant Publishing.
    • Character excuses/lies: George says his uncle is having a bone marrow operation.
    • Stand-up routines: 3
    • My grade: B
  • Episode 4: “The Phone Message” (episode 9 overall – intended to be the 7th episode of the season)
    • Original air date: February 13, 1991
    • Plot: George wants to erase a bad answering machine message he left for a girlfriend.
    • Notable locations: The door knocker on Jerry’s apartment door is gone and replaced with 3A (which is also my apartment number, btw). Walls repainted. Radiated painted silver (it was cream).
    • Foods eaten: Elaine eats a pink lollipop. Alka-Seltzer. Anti-Acid pink bismuth.
    • Nothings of interest: George claims that eating an apple while on a stressful call makes you seem casual. Jerry claims he has never seen one episode of “I Love Lucy” and is lactose intolerant. George mentions that he is “a vault” when it comes to secrets. George suggests the secret password “Tippytoe.”
    • Character excuses/lies: George says his father wears sneakers in the pool in order to distract someone
    • Significant others:
      George: Carol
      Jerry: Donna
    • Stand-up routines: 3
    • My grade: B. The Dockers commercial subplot is very specific but still relatable.
  • Episode 5: “The Apartment” (episode 10 overall – intended to be the 8th episode of the season)
    • Original air date: April 4, 1991
    • Plot: Elaine wants the apartment above Jerry. George wears a wedding ring to pick up women.
    • Guest stars/notable characters: Glenn Shaddix as Harold. Tony Plana as Manny. Theresa Randle as Janice. Louis-Dreyfus’ half-sister, Lauren Bowles, appears as an extra. Later she will become a waitress at Monk’s.
    • Notable locations: Jerry’s apartment number has changed to 5A
    • Foods eaten: Kramer finds a red licorice in his pocket, plain crackers
    • Kramer’s scheme: He goads Jerry into lending Elaine $5000
    • Kramer’s mooched items: Bread and jelly.
    • Nothings of interest: The apartment is $400 a month. The first time Elaine does the “Get OUT!” shove. George says he wants to have kids someday. Elaine says she’s in a short-story class. First mention of Kramer’s dad.
    • Character excuses/lies: George says his “wife” is an entomologist
    • Flubs: Opening scene Kramer says he moussed his hair and it’s all slicked down, a split second later it’s curly again, then back to being slicked.
    • Stand-up routines: 3
    • My grade: C+. While the personalities of the 4 are more fully formed, some weird editing and timing.
  • Episode 6: “The Statue” (episode 11 overall – intended to be the 10th episode of the season)
    • Original air date: April 11, 1991
    • Plot: A cleaning person may or may not have stolen a statue from Jerry’s apartment.
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Patrika Darbo as Glenda. John Capodice as Vic. Broadway actor Fred Applegate as Rick Levitan, George’s boss.
    • Notable Locations: We can sort of see into Kramer’s apartment. It’s a wall with some junk stacked up.
    • Foods eaten: Elaine squirts Hershey’s chocolate syrup into a pint of Breyer’s vanilla ice cream and eats it out of the container.
    • Kramer’s mooched items: Jerry’s grandfather’s old knee socks, suit, shoes, and a “Dragnet” hat.
    • Nothings of interest: Jerry lets Elaine’s client smoke in his apartment. First mention of George’s parents. First mention of Elaine’s boss, Mr. Lippman.
    • Character excuses/lies: Jerry says his mother forgot how to make French Toast to cover up for a phone call. Jerry claims he has a facial appointment at the spa to bow out of an awkward situation.
    • Stand-up routines: 3
    • My grade: C+ both of the supporting characters were super annoying.
  • Episode 7: “The Revenge” (episode 12 overall – intended to be the 12th episode of the season)
    • Original air date: April 18, 1991
    • Plot: Elaine and George conspire to drug his boss, Kramer and Jerry vandalize a laundromat. Newman tries to commit suicide.
    • Characters Introduced: Newman (off-camera)
    • Kramer’s mooched items: He puts his shirt in Jerry’s laundry drop off.
    • Nothings of interest: First mention of Newman (voiced by Larry David in the original, and re-recorded by Wayne Knight for syndication only.) We learn the name of George’s company is “Rick Barr Properties”. Kramer is wearing the ruined suede jacket.
    • Character excuses/lies: Elaine says she’s going to a nudist colony and loves to drive naked.
    • Stand-up routines: 3
    • My Grade: B- All four are doing something highly illegal and unethical and they have no remorse but that’s par for the course.
    • Seinimation: Del Boca Vista Express
  • Episode 8: “The Heart Attack” (episode 13 overall – intended to to be the 11th episode of the season)
    • Original air date: April 25, 1991
    • Plot: George has a heart attack.
    • Characters Introduced: Kramer mentions Bob Sacamano.
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Stephen Toblowsky, as Tor Eckman, Larry David as “Screaming B-Movie Actor”
    • Notable locations: The wall behind Jerry’s television (the “fourth wall”) is panelled wainscotting. We finally see Jerry’s bedroom, it’s a double bed with a half-moon shaped headboard that looks like the cross-section of an orange (but cream colored.)
    • Foods eaten: George brings his own cucumber to Monk’s. Kramer eats an entire hospital cafeteria meal. An herbal tea of cramp bark, cleaver, and couch grass.
    • Kramer’s scheme: Insists George go to Tor Eckman the Herbalist. Kramer is “off hot water.”
    • Nothings of interest: Jerry sleeps on the left side of the bed. Jerry and Elaine have no reaction to George having a coronary in front of them (which requires an ambulance). George’s first time in a hospital. Elaine still has her tonsils. Kramer says Bob Sacamano had a hernia operation but insinuating they castrated him. George says his birthday is in April (should have been in August, his parents would have been well-advised to wait.)
    • Significant others:
      Elaine: Dr. Fein aka Doctor Tongue
    • Stand-up routines: 3
    • My Grade: D+. Too contrived and with a clear agenda by the writer.
  • Episode 9: “The Deal” (episode 14 overall – intended to be the 13th episode and season finale)
    • Original air date: May 2, 1991
    • Plot: Jerry and Elaine decide to be friends with benefits.
    • Characters Introduced: Elaine’s roommate Tina, played by Siobhan Fallon
    • Recurring gags: “You know we’re living in a SOCIETY!”
    • Notable locations: Elaine’s apartment.
    • Foods eaten: Jerry eats Elaine’s roommate’s carrot (?) cake
    • Nothings of interest: Jerry and Elaine have previously had sex 37 times when they were dating. Jerry spends $182 on Elaine’s birthday gift. Elaine’s birthday is later moved to January 29, 1962
    • Significant others:
      Elaine: Jerry
      Jerry: Elaine
    • Stand-up routines: 3
    • Awards: Nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing of a Comedy Series
    • My Grade: D+. I don’t like Jerry and Elaine as a couple.
  • Episode 10: “The Baby Shower” (episode 15 overall – intended to be the 4th episode of the season)
    • Original air date: May 16, 1991
    • Plot: Jerry lends his apartment to Elaine for a baby shower.
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Christine Dunford as Leslie. Don Perry as “airplane passenger”.
    • Foods eaten: Jerry eats a grilled cheese with a fork.
    • Notable locations: Jerry’s apartment is back to 3A.
    • Kramer’s mooched items: Pirated cable TV.
    • Character excuses/lies: George says he can’t go to dinner because he just ate an entire pot roast.
    • Nothings of interest: Elaine’s roommate has Epstein-Barr with a twist of Lyme disease. First mention of Elaine crushing on JFK jr. George removes $1 from the tip he leaves for the waitress. Jerry no longer has cable (which he specifically had in the previous episode). Kramer claims eats the whole apple “core, stems, seeds… just everything.” He also says he eats the bark off of the pineapple. First reference to Bosco. First time Kramer says “Giddy up!” First time references his hatred for “the system”.
    • ex-Significant others:
      George: Linda
      Jerry: Mary Cantardi
    • Stand-up routines: 3
    • My Grade: C-. It’s a little contrived.
  • Episode 11: “The Chinese Restaurant” (episode 16 overall. Intended to be episode 6)
    • Original air date: May 23, 1991
    • Plot: The gang waits for a table.
    • Guest stars/notable characters: James Hong as the maître d’. Judy Kain as Lorraine.
    • Foods eaten: Nothing!
    • Character excuses/lies: Jerry tells his uncle he has a stomach ache so he can go to a movie.
    • Nothings of interest: Jerry can’t look at a menu until he is at the table. Jerry mentions that he has a sister. Kramer is not in this episode.
    • Significant others:
      -George: “Tatiana”
    • Stand-up routines: 2
    • My grade: B+
  • Episode 12: “The Busboy” (episode 17 overall. Intended to be episode 3 of the season)
    • Original air date: June 26, 1991
    • Plot: George gets a busboy fired.
    • Foods eaten: Elaine has some kind of plain spaghetti, George has something with pesto – which he hates. Jerry has rigatoni. George puts ketchup on a ham sandwich. Jerry has a triple decker club sandwich and a strawberry shake.
    • Character excuses/lies: Elaine says she is having her period for 5 days so she doesn’t have to have sex.
    • Nothings of interest: George is back in real estate. This is the first time we see Kramer out of the apartment building. Elaine takes 3 aspirin.
    • Significant others:
      Elaine: Ed from Seattle
    • Death watch: 5 people in an explosion
    • Stand-up routines: 3
    • My grade: A-. Julia Louis-Dreyfus has some amazing manic physical comedy and a very good dramatic monologue.
    • Seinimation: Conquering the Van Wyck

If you want to watch this season in the order it was intended:

  1. Episode 1: “The Ex-girlfriend”
  2. Episode 2: “The Pony Remark”
  3. Episode 12: “The Busboy”
  4. Episode 10: The Baby Shower”
  5. Episode 3: “The Jacket”
  6. Episode 11: “The Chinese Restaurant”
  7. Episode 4: “The Phone Message”
  8. Episode 5: “The Apartment”
  9. Season 3, Episode 10: “The Stranded” (removed from S2 for retooling)
  10. Episode 6: “The Statue”
  11. Episode 8: “The Heart Attack”
  12. Episode 7: “The Revenge”
  13. Episode 9: “The Deal”

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