Seinfeld: Season 1

Season 1 (5 episodes)

  • Episode 1: “The Seinfeld Chronicles” (aka “Good News, Bad News” aka “Pilot”
    • Original air date: July 5, 1989 then repeated on June 28, 1990
    • Plot: George and Jerry discuss the romantic intentions of a woman coming to NYC for business and asking to stay with Jerry for the weekend.
    • Characters Introduced: Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Kessler (later renamed Kramer)
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Lee Garlington as Claire a waitress at Pete’s. Initially intended to be a regular, she was later replaced with the character Elaine Benes.
    • Notable Locations: Pete’s Luncheonette (which would later be changed to Monk’s), Jerry’s apartment is a one-bedroom (bedroom not shown). The layout has a balcony, and an all window (3 sides and ceiling) “sunroom” to the left. In the bathroom you can see the pedestal sink. The view out the window is a red brick building smack against the balcony.
    • Foods eaten: George asks for decaf coffee but the waitress gives him caffeinated. Jerry east Oaties cereal at 1am
    • Kessler mooched items: lunch meat
    • Nothings of interest: George is NYC apartment realtor. Kessler owns a dog.
    • Significant Others:
      Jerry: Laura
    • Stand-up routines: 4
    • My Grade: B-. A little awkward but the idea is there.
  • Episode 2: “The Stakeout
    • Original air date: May 31, 1990 (2nd episode aired, 3rd filmed)
    • Plot: Jerry and Elaine have recently broken up and agree to try and be platonic friends by being each other’s “dates” at birthday party and a wedding in the same weekend.
    • Characters Introduced: Kramer (formerly Kessler), Elaine Benes, Morty and Helen Seinfeld (Jerry’s Parents)
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Liz Sheridan as Helen, Phil Bruns as Morty (later recast).
    • Notable Locations: Jerry’s apartment is now a studio with a pull-out couch. The sunroom has been enclosed with more of a nook feel. Kitchen is slightly remodeled. New fridge. In the bathroom you can now see the bathtub instead of the sink. There is a little room before the bathroom. The view out the window is a white building across the street. The video store is called “Champagne Video”.
    • Recurring gags: George pretending to be an architect. “Art Vandalay” the importer/exporter.
    • Nothings of interest: The porno is titled Emerald Dimples
    • Flub: A woman in the video store steps down off of the soundstage set.
    • Significant Others:
      Jerry: Vanessa
    • Stand-up routines: 3
    • Awards: Nominated for a Writer’s Guild Award
    • My Grade: B+. The characters seem more formed. Elaine is charming and odd. Jerry’s parents have a fairly funny exchange.
  • Episode 3: “The Robbery
    • Original air date: June 7, 1990
    • Plot: Jerry’s apartment is robbed so realtor friend George finds a perfect new apartment which the two of them fight over.
    • Notable Locations: George and Jerry have lunch at Monk’s cafe for the first time. Jerry complains that his apartment is a dump: barely any hot water, the refrigerator doesn’t work, the radiator is on 24/7/365, the lobby door is broken.
    • Kramer mooched items: Spatula
    • Foods eaten: Elaine eats the cream from an oreo over an entire scene
    • Disrespecting Authority: Jerry complains to the cop that they never find anything that’s been stolen.
    • Stand-up routines: 3
    • My Grade: B-. The relationships between the four are starting to gel but the trademark banter is missing.
  • Episode 4: “Male Unbonding
    • Original air date: June 14, 1990 (2nd filmed 4th aired.)
    • Plot: Jerry unsuccessfully tries to break up with a long time friend.
    • Guest Stars/Notable Characters: Joel Horneck played by Kevin Dunn who originally auditioned for the role of George.
    • Notable Locations: Jerry apartment has all of the previously stolen items back (because this episode was filmed before episode 3). Jerry’s apartment number is 411.
    • Foods eaten: Elaine eats one orange peanut m&m in about 6 separate bites.
    • Kramer mooched items: Ketchup
    • Kramer scheme: Pizza place where you make your own pie.
    • Nothings of interest: First episode Julia Louis-Dreyfus filmed. Only episode title that doesn’t begin with “The”. First episode with Jonathan Wolff’s title music.
    • Significant Others:
      George: “A girlfriend”
    • Character excuses: Tutoring a nephew.
    • Stand-up routines: 4
    • My Grade: B-. Barely any Elaine

  • Episode 5: “The Stock Tip
    • Original air date: June 21, 1990
    • Plot: Jerry and George invest in a bad stock
    • Notable Locations: In a Monk’s Diner booth the wall behind George is noticeably greasy and dirty. It’s really gross. Jerry’s apartment is mentioned being a one-bedroom again.
    • Items eaten: Jerry makes an instant coffee
    • Kramer’s mooched item: He asks if some “out of town anarchist friends” can use Jerry’s apartment after a rock concert.
    • Kramer scheme: Roll-out tie dispenser
    • Nothings of interest: Elaine says she’s allergic to cats. Elaine ponders the idea of killing her boyfriend’s cats. George has upwards of $10,000 to invest in the stock market. George smokes a cigar. George removes $1 from the waitress’ tip. First reference to Superman.
    • Significant Others:
      Jerry: Vanessa
      Elaine: Robert (unseen man with cats)
    • Stand-up routines: 4
    • My Grade: B-. Not the most interesting story.

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