(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? – Oasis

Released October 5, 1995 this album received mixed reviews but sold a then unheard-of, record breaking 347,000 copies in its first week landing it at #1 on the UK Billboard charts where it stayed for 10 weeks. (It got to #4 in the US.) It was named one of the greatest albums of the 1990s and has since sold over 30 Million copies worldwide.

Jason: Oasis. The first thing I think of when I hear them is that these two guys are a pain in the ass and hate each other intermittently.

Brad: That’s understandable since that’s the image they cultivated while they were together as a band. As far as I’m concerned that part of Oasis has grown tiresome.

Jason: Yes, in fact when this album came up on our list I was like ‘ugh, these two’ but I actually liked the album more than I thought I would.

Brad: Yeah, I really liked this album in the 90s but then I got bored with their antics and haven’t listened to it in almost 20 years.

Jason: Are you re-liking them now?

Brad: Yeah, I like it a lot. Their sound doesn’t vary that much and I don’t think they are the most creative band but Noel Gallagher really knows how to write sing-a-long anthems.

Jason: That is 100% true. I can’t not sing along to “Don’t Look Back in Anger”. And both “Wonderwall” and “Champagne Supernova” are songs that if they come on in a bar, people sing along with. Granted those are bro-heavy Wrigleyville bars that I don’t frequent but I have walked by them and heard the suburban warbling coming out.

Brad: “Don’t Look Back in Anger” is my favorite Oasis song. Also, that is one of the few songs that Noel sings lead on. I’m surprised bands don’t cover that song more often.

Jason: I love that song. This is unrelated but I am eating lunch right now and the cucumber I brought is disgusting. It kind of tastes like a dead washcloth. Speaking of annoying things, Oasis has two songs, TWO, on this album that are [Untitled]. Really?! You can’t come up with some random name? 

Brad: Noel & Liam probably argued about the title so much that they decided to just leave it untitled.

Jason: Okay, but TWICE?! “Which instrumental song is your favorite?” “I like [Untitled].” “Which one?” “The one from (What’s the Story)“. “Okay but which one?” That sums up this band. They think they are the greatest but then they sabotage themselves. Name the songs anything, literally anything at all. “Chain of Survival”, “Liam’s Knickers”, “Ocean waves and guitars”. That’s my only quibble with this album though.

Brad: That doesn’t bug me at all. My first time seeing them was when I first moved to Chicago. Noel and Liam were fighting on that tour (no surprise) and Liam flew back to the UK before the Chicago show. So I get to the show and there were signs when you entered saying Liam wouldn’t be at the show but the show wasn’t cancelled. Noel sang lead on all of the songs that night and sounded great. Plus Noel writes all the songs. So that was when I realized, Liam needs Oasis more than Oasis needs Liam. Plus, Noel may be a jerk but at least he honors his commitments and doesn’t cancel concerts.

Jason: They both sound like a pain, TBH but maybe Noel is super-patient and Liam is just a complete knob. Do they fancy themselves like The Beatles? I get that impression both in the musicality of some of their songs but also in their attitude.

Brad: I think at one point Noel said that Oasis were bigger than the Beatles but I’m pretty sure he regretted making that statement. I used to think they sounded a lot like The Beatles but I no longer do.

Jason: There are a few songs that sound influenced by The Beatles but as you said earlier there isn’t a lot of variance in their style. They are a pop-band which I am sure if I said that to them they would head-butt me, kick me in the kidneys, and then pee on my crumpled up body. Are there any songs on here that you don’t like? By the way, the radish I brought for lunch is much better.

Brad: I think my least favorite is “Roll With It” but I don’t even hate that.

Jason: Mine is “[Untitled]”. I forget how much I like “Morning Glory”, I’m not sure why it opens with the sounds of a helicopter though. It is a war-anthem? Does it have to do with the police state? Did Liam lean on the sound fx button?

Brad: I always thought it was about drug addiction.

Jason: Maybe, probably. Are they still together?

Brad: Nope. I’m sure they get huge offers to reunite for Glastonbury or Coachella every year but I don’t think they have patched up their differences. Honestly, I don’t think Liam sounds good anymore. I saw him at Lollapalooza a couple years ago. His voice didn’t sound great and then he walked off after performing less than 20 minutes. So that kinda lowered my hopes for an Oasis reunion.

Jason: Maybe someone should start a cover-band without the Gallagher brothers called NOasis. People just want to hear the songs live, although maybe part of their appeal is the rubber-necking of “what will Liam do on stage? Will be be amazing or a train wreck?” 

Brad: I just saw an ad for an Oasis cover band playing in Wrigleyville. Maybe you should make that suggestion?

Jason: I’ll stop by on my way home. So, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory, possibly one of the few album titles with a parenthetical statement. What letter grade do you give it? 

Brad: I’m going to give it a B. It holds up pretty well.

Jason: I am also going to give it a B for the same reasons. Let’s hope they get their act together, put their differences aside, record another album and tour. But the odds of that are equal to me finding a good cucumber at the Jewel.

Brad: No more chatting during lunch.

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