The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses

Released May 2, 1989 this debut album was not an immediate success but later became a popular due to the bands high-energy performances. They are responsible for creating the “Madchester” music scene (which merged alt.rock with acid house and dance. Other bands that soon joined this scene were The Happy Mondays, The Inspiral Carpets, and Blur). This album produced seven singles, is rated one of the greatest albums of the time, and has sold 4 Million copies to date.

Jason: Hi there. It’s time for The Stone Roses. When I first turned this album on I thought “I know OF them but I don’t know any of their songs” and then of course I knew four off of this album.

Brad: I’m not surprised. They were pretty big on “college radio” in the 90s. Although, going into this I thought I knew this album better than I did. I’m realizing that I knew their second album “Second Coming” much better. I also listened to their greatest hits too. Which is interesting because they only had two studio albums. So it seems like I would have just listened to both of them instead of needing a greatest hits

Jason: That is odd that they had a greatest hits after two albums. I am sure it was a studio thing. They are definitely a college radio band. “Fools Gold” was the song I knew by the title. I think I had a remix of it on a soundtrack of some-sort in college. For the life of me I can’t remember what. In any case, I do like that song but it’s the most commercial. The rest of their songs are more edgy and minimalist. Like “I Wanna Be Adored” which I think is about devil worship? Maybe?

Brad: Maybe? I always think they’re saying “I Wanna Be A Dog”

Jason: “I don’t need to sell my soul/He’s already in me” is the lyric that makes me think it’s about Satan. But I like your title/lyric, “I wanna be a dog” better.

Brad: I was just noticing that “Fools Gold” has been released at least 6 different times! I guess that explains my confusion because I thought it was a “hit” in the early to mid nineties instead of 1989 when it came out.

Jason: That song lived up to its name. I like “Waterfall” a lot but I am on the fence with “Don’t Stop” which is essentially “Waterfall” backwards musically. I think.

Brad: Possibly, I like the way “Don’t Stop” sounds. “Waterfall” and “She Bangs the Drums” are my favorites.

Jason: You know how some 90s alternative music sounds really dated now? I don’t feel that way about The Stone Roses. I can tell it’s from an earlier time (that makes me sound so old) but it holds up better than some of the other songs of that era.

Brad: I totally agree! I was thinking that it could even be released now and not seem that dated.

Jason: Does this band evoke any specific college memories for you? I remember “Made of Stone” was on a mixtape that I made and would listen to in the car to and from school.

Brad: It doesn’t bring back any specific memories for me but it does make me miss “120 Minutes” on MTV.

Jason: That’s not the first time you’ve referenced 120 Minutes in our list. I feel like Matt Pinfield helped raise a generation of music lovers. (I only associate Pinfield with 120 Minutes even though Kevin Seal or Lewis Largent would have been the host during The Stone Roses heyday) . 

Brad: So influential in my life. I’m sure many others too. This album was released on the same exact day as The Cure’s Disintegration which was 30 years ago this week. 

Jason: Interesting. That’s a good day in music history.

Brad: It really was!  By the way, “Elizabeth My Dear” uses the music from “Scarborough Fair” which I thought was written by Simon & Garfunkel. But I found out today that they didn’t write it, it is a traditional English ballad. I can’t believe I didn’t know that.

Jason: Oh Brad. Now it’s my turn to roll my eyes. It’s from like 1668 or something. If someone were to only listen to one song from this album which would you recommend?

Brad: “She Bangs the Drums”.

Jason: That’s a good pick. It’s pretty rockin’. I might suggest “Waterfall.”  

Brad: So what letter grade would you give The Stone Roses by The Stone Roses?

Jason: Hmmmm. Here’s the thing. I like this album and enjoyed repeat listens but it’s not mind-blowing or anything. I am going to say… B

Brad: I would give this a B+. I really enjoy it and will likely go back and listen in the future. In fact, I might need to add this to my vinyl collection.

Jason: I approve.

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