Screamadelica – Primal Scream

Released September 23, 1991 in the U.K. it peaked at #8 on the charts. It was a complete departure from their earlier works, drawing inspiration from the acid house scene. Critics continue to describe it as ‘genre-defying’.

Jason: Aaaaauuuuuyeeeeaaauuurrrrghle! (That was my primal scream).

Brad: My primal reaction when I saw this on the list was “Yaaaaayyyy!!”

Jason: So you were familiar with them and this album? I have heard of Primal Scream but I didn’t recognize any songs from this album. I don’t think. I probably heard them on a college radio station in the ’90s but no songs were immediately recognizable.

Brad: Yes. I remember vividly buying this CD at the Discount Den on the campus of WMU in Kalamazoo in the early 90s. This album makes me happy. It is very underappreciated in the U.S. 

Jason: It didn’t even chart here.

Brad: Not surprising. I can’t even remember why I bought it but I’m so glad I did.

Jason: Are you sure it wasn’t one of your Columbia House “30-CDs-for-a-penny” promotional sign-up pick?

Brad: No. I did get a lot of music that way but this one I’m sure I got at Discount Den and it was a used copy because that was all I could afford.

Jason: Columbia House was how I ended up with a Basia CD. “I guess I’ll pick this one.”

Brad: I’ve only seen Primal Scream once in concert. Can you guess who they opened for?

Jason: I am going to guess Stereo MC’s

Brad: Nope. It was my very first Depeche Mode concert in the early ’90s at Pine Knob in Michigan. The tour when Dave Gahan was close to death.

Jason: As he was most of the ’90s. That was the Exotic/Summer ’94 tour (which was my third DM concert, BTW). That means I probably saw them too. What do you like about Screamadelica?

Brad: I like the trippy, dancey vibe of the album. It covers a bunch of styles. It was pretty innovative at the time. There is just something fun about it. Did you like listening to it?

Jason: I did. It’s kind of mellow but dance-y. It’s fun and not what I was expecting. I think coming off of The Sex Pistols I was expecting someone to be yelling at me for an hour but it’s not that at all.

Brad: Yes, it’s a nice palate cleanser.

Jason: Speaking of DM (the best band ever and if they aren’t on this 100 list so help me personal Jesus!) the song “Higher Than The Sun” has a little bit of a DM vibe to it.

Brad: I just read today that “Higher Than The Sun” was produced by The Orb. Remember them?

Jason: Oh yes! That was another Columbia House filler pick. They also remix a bunch of DM songs.

Brad: “Little Fluffy Clouds” was one of The Orb’s biggest hits.

Jason: Which sampled Rickie Lee Jones. This whole Primal Scream album is like flying through little fluffy clouds. This album still sounds really contemporary. 

Brad: I agree! I still love it and think more people should listen to it. It surprised me that it was on the list but I’m glad it is .

Jason: This was a very different sound for them compared to their previous albums. Does this make you want to listen to their complete catalog?

Brad: I don’t recall ever listening to their first two albums but I think I’ve listened to everything since. I really liked their album from a couple years ago called Chaosmosis. Sky Ferreira was on that album.

Jason: What grade would you give Screamadelica?

Brad: I will give it an A

Jason: I will go with a B+ and I am going to wake us up every morning by screaming primal-ly in bed.

Brad: Please don’t.

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