Rumours – Fleetwood Mac

Released February, 4 1977, Rumours won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. It reach #1 on the Billboard charts and has since sold over 40 million copies.

Jason: So today we are listening to the Rumours album by Fleetwood Mac. Full disclosure I spent half a day listening to the Fleetwood Mac album (the one prior) because the album covers are similar and I don’t pay attention to things. Rumours, I am very familiar with. This was their first “pop” album according to Mick Fleetwood and I think it holds up really well.

Brad: It is so good. I think it gets better with age…or maybe I just like it more as I age?

Jason: I think both. “Dreams” you still hear every time you walk into a CVS. Also, one of my life goals is to learn the guitar part for “Never Going Back Again.” (I need to learn the guitar first. I don’t think it would sound great on the trumpet.)

Brad: Oh my god…I can’t believe you just said. I don’t think we’ve ever discussed this before but I’ve often thought about taking a guitar class with the sole purpose of learning “Never Going Back Again!”

Jason: Really?! We are MFEO. If we both took guitar we would be insufferable.

Brad: I know nothing about playing the guitar but I would imagine it would involve several advanced classes to play that song. It is the best.

Jason: No offense but I think you might have trouble because you are not ambidextrous.

Brad: So true.

Jason: BTW I have a “Don’t Stop” story. When I worked at Kennywood in college, one of my department’s responsibilities was to put the music on for the entire park over the speakers. It was a 10 disc CD changer that just shuffled. So I put it in, and pressed what I thought was shuffle…Instead it was REPEAT 1 and it just played “Don’t Stop” over the loud speakers all morning until the crew at the Skycoaster called and said “Please, we can’t take it anymore, put on another song.” Whoops.

Brad: Ha! That is funny. I love that song but that would have made me crazy too. I have to say that is the one song I got a little sick of over the years. Partially because in the 90’s it was used as Bill Clinton’s campaign theme song. I voted for Bill but I would rather not associate that song with politics. 

Jason: Well, that one is over-played but it’s still a classic. The whole album is great. I don’t think there is a bad song on there. “Oh Daddy” isn’t my favorite but I still like it.

Brad: I agree. I pretty much love every song. Lately, “Songbird” has become my favorite. Although, that makes me think of the sad story of Eva Cassidy.

Jason: What story is that?

Brad: Eva Cassidy is a singer who died of cancer in 1996. Then a compilation of her songs called “Songbird” with a cover of that song was released and became a huge hit two years after she died.

Jason: Oh that’s sad. Now I will think of that when I listen to that song. Is there any song on here that you don’t like?

Brad: No, not really. I think I liked “Gold Dust Woman” the least until Hole covered it for The Crow: City of Angels soundtrack. I still remember the interview with Stevie Nicks around that time asking what she thought of Hole’s version and she said she liked it because the royalties helped her repair her pool.

Jason: Ha! That’s pretty good. So we both like this album. What grade would you give it? If it’s anything lower than an ‘A’ we are breaking up.

Brad: Definitely a A!

Jason: Agreed. An A. Now I am going to listen to the new 50 Years – Don’t Stop greatest hits album for the rest of the day because you know I love me some “Everywhere”.

Brad: Yes you do!

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