Metallica – Metallica

*Debuted August 21, 1991 and reached #1 on the Billboard 200 selling 598,000 copies in it’s first week. It stayed in the top 200 for 488 weeks! As of Dec 31, 2018 it has sold over 16 million copies.  AKA “The Black Album”

Jason: This was like a cluster headache set to music.

Brad: I didn’t think I was in the mood to listen to this one but I kinda loved it.

Jason: What did you love about it?

Brad: I had forgotten how many of the songs I knew from it. Plus it perked me up like caffeine.

Jason: Yeah, I get that. I knew a few songs for sure. It’s impossible not too. It reminded me of high school band dances. Especially The Unforgiven, which I like. It’s as close as Metallica gets to having a slow-dance song.

Brad: It made me think of Dial MTV for some reason.

Jason: What do you think made it such a hit? It’s not my favorite genre of music and the songs mostly sound the same to me but it resonated with a generation for some reason.

Brad: I think the songs are really good. I think they could be covered in other genres and still work really well.

Jason: Hmmm. Like if John Tesh covered “My Friend of Misery”? Actually Pat Boone did cover “Enter Sandman”

Brad: LOL…well…I guess so. I did realize while listening that I know the “singles” that were released but must not have listened to the album very much. I knew every word to the hits but I don’t recall ever hearing “The Struggle Within” before in my life.

Jason: I was the same way. It was hard to escape the singles. So what grade would you give the album over all? 

Brad: I would give it a B. Not my usual genre of music but I could totally see myself going back to this one. It also made me want to see them in concert again.

Jason: That’s generous of you. I would give it a C+ and I wouldn’t turn off the singles if one came on but I wouldn’t sit and listen to it again. James Hetfield has aged well so I will give him that. 

FUN FACT from our friend Ian. “The original CD liner notes had a typo. The lyric in “My Friend of Misery” that goes “You just stood there screaming” was printed as “You just stood there creaming.

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