2018 Movies

  • A Fantastic WomanA- (90%RT) In the immediate aftermath of her partner’s death, trans-woman Marina, has to navigate prejudice with his family. Poignant & classy.
  • Black PantherB+ (97%RT) Probably the best and most important Marvel movie to date.
  • Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr StoryB+ – (97%RT) Genius inventor that was dismissed for her good looks. Without her invention we wouldn’t have wi-fi, bluetooth, spy satellites, and more.
  • Cloverfield ParadoxB- (16%RT) Serviceable space adventure that marginally fits into the Cloverfield Universe. Explains how it came to be but felt like a TV movie.
  • Molly’s Game A- (82%RT) – True story of Molly Bloom ex-Olympian who ran the most exclusive high-stakes poker game in the U.S. and how the FBI caught her. Fascinating and quick paced.
  • Phantom Thread A- (91%RT) – This movie about a jerky fashion designer and his muse wraps around you like a beautiful piece of silk. The third act will leave you talking about it for days afterwards.
  • The PostB+ (88%RT) – Extremely relevant into today’s political climate, this film tackles the First Amendment amongst government corruption and sanctions.