2014 in Films

  • August: Osage County – (B+) – The play is better but this was phenomenally acted. It’s not uplifting at all.
  • Big Eyes – (C+) – I liked the performances and every scene looked like a painting but overall it wasn’t that great. Plus, those paintings are shitty.
  • Birdman – (B+) – Made to look like one tracking shot. Mesmerizing, fantastical, and bizarre. That ending is a little to ambiguous though.
  • Boyhood – (A) – Quite possibly the best movie of the year. Definitely the most ambitious. Both heartwarming and heartbreaking.
  • Captain America: Winter Soldier – (A) – I love me some Steve Rogers. Plus, this movie was a game-changer for the Marvel U. Amazingly fun!
  • Chef – (B+) – A good story with a few faults — the father/son relationship had some inconsistencies but overall a good film.
  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – (B-) – Not as good as the previous film but it still worked and held my attention which is all I can ask for.
  • Edge of Tomorrow – (B+) – The most underrated action movie of the year. A lot more clever than you imagine with lots of twists. Good fun!
  • Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me – (A-) – A beautiful, funny, & heavy film of a legend.  “It’s gets tiring being a smart-ass.” That’s what you’re in for here.
  • Enemy – (C+) – I hated this Gyllenhaal film  yet I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I did research and now I get it, I think. It’s gets under your skin.
  • Exodus: Gods and Kings – (B) – God’s a bitch.
  • Foxcatcher – (D) – Hated, hated, hated this boring, watered down, awful piece of crap. I am sure it will get an Oscar.
  • G.B.F. – (B) – Gay best friend. A little gay indie comedy that had some genuine laughs and heart.
  • Godzilla – (B) – This was a lot of fun and a good twist on those crappy, I mean classic, original Japanese films
  • Gone Girl – (B+) – Ben Affleck’s giant penis.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – (A-) A raccoon with a gun and a talking tree! What more do you want?!
  • Horns – (B-) – The third act almost ruined this for me but Radcliffe is really good in it. It didn’t live up to its potential but it’s still worth a watch.
  • Hunger Games: 3.1 – (B+) – Did the 3rd book need to be split into two films? No. Did I enjoy this film? Yes.
  • Interstellar – (B) – Slightly pretentious and too clever for its own good but the 3 hours flew by.
  • Into the Woods – (B) – The two complaints I hear about this is that it’s too dark and it’s a musical. WTH were you expecting?!
  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – (C+) – Kenneth Branagh single handedly killed a franchise. It was this years The Bourne Legacy.
  • Love is Strange – (B) – and also depressing. Marissa Tomei steals the movie. Rated R for gay which is b.s. considering there is nothing ‘R’ about it.
  • Nightcrawler – (B+) – Jake Gyllenhaal is a creepy sociopath in this insane and gripping film.
  • Noah – (B-) – Remember when giant rock monsters help build the Ark? It’s all made up anyway. Plus CGI flood and Emma Watson!
  • Non-Stop – (B-) – This movie was a lot better than I expected. It’s a smart thriller. Plus Julianne Moore wins for being smarter than Liam Neeson
  • Obvious Child – (C+) – This movie didn’t really leave a lasting impression on me. I think it’s about a bad stand-up that wants an abortion?
  • Particle Fever – (B-) – Large Hadron Collider documentary [NERD ALERT]. I learned science and stuff but promptly forgot.
  • Snowpiercer – (A-) – This movie is nuts. Tilda Swinton is nuttier. Plus Jamie Bell and Chris Evans made out (when I closed my eyes that night.)
  • Space Station ’76 – (C) – I really wanted this to be better. It had such potential but didn’t meet it. It’s very dry and kind of dull.
  • St. Vincent – (B) – Much better than I expected. Sweet and touching and funny.
  • The Babadook – (B+) – Imagine if Johnny Depp lived in your wardrobe and tried to kill you every night.
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel – (B-) – Wes Anderson gets caught up in his own style sometimes. A little too long but beautiflly shot.
  • The Hundred Foot Journey – (C+) – The thrid act wasn’t so great. The film was formulaic. Chef is hearty meal. This is lean cuisine.
  • The Imitation Game – (A-) – Fascinating and engaging considering it’s 2 hours of people building a computer. Expect Oscar nominations.
  • The Lego Movie – (A) – Everything is awesome indeed. This had no business being as great as it was. Fun for everyone age 5 and up!
  • The Monuments Men – (C+) – Great story but bad execution. Too many stars and competing storylines leaves the film hollow.
  • The Skeleton Twins – (A) – The script is amazing and Bill Hader is fantastic he won’t get an Oscar but he should. A lot darker than I anticipated.
  • Veronica Mars – (B+) – MARShmallows will love it and those not familiar with the series will still enjoy this complex detective tale. RENT IT!
  • Whiplash – (A-) – This movie was so disturbing. It’s a delve into a really abusive relationship. I don’t think I can ever watch it again. It’s upsetting.
  • Wild – (B+) – I hid my eyes for the first 30 seconds; that was too much for me. The rest is a good “self-discovery” film. Reese deserves accolades.
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past – (A-) – Mutants tackle the 70s. The best X-Men film since X2.

My Top 10

  1. Boyhood
  2. The Lego Movie
  3. Whiplash
  4. Captain America: Winter Soldier
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy
  6. Nighcrawler
  7. The Skeleton Twins
  8. The Imitation Game
  9. Snowpiercer
  10. Gone Girl


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